Welcome to Solverv. We are proud of our long history and we are thankful to the many therapists who have contributed so richly to our development since 1976.  We look forward to hearing from you and getting your feedback. 

Solverv is a totally private therapeutically oriented organization. We accept individuals and couples for both short term and long term psychotherapy. The main theoretical basis for the work, both practically and theoretically, is in Therapy Cycle Process (TCP), which is a synthesis of several body oriented, psychodynamic and cognitive psychotherapeutic processes. This is the platform that we created about 20 years ago, which we have enlarged to accommodate various new techinques that enable us to work according to your needs at the moment. We also have special competence and experience in working with individuals and couples with sexual issues as well as communication issues. Solverv is a member of the Norwegian Association for Clinical Sexology.

Address: Solverv, Vækerøveien 69a, 0383 Oslo, Norway.

TELEPHONE: 2250 5190

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The main bases for this unique way of working is Pesso Boyden System Psychotherapy, primal therapy, vegetotherapy, and functional/cognitive psychotherapy.

Through creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, confidence, care and safety we encourage you to investigate your own process of personal development. The methods we use are talking, deep breathing processes, consciousness raising, and bodily expression as well as a stylised form of psychodrama. This is our basic theoretical point of view whether we work individually with a client or with a group. In both situations you get the help you need to go into physical and emotional states while staying in contact with your conscious values and reservations.

Deep breathing can help you to loosen physical and emotional barriers so that you can contact and use your resources. In doing so you are better able to become more of who you wish to be.

Through a stylised form of psychodrama role figures help you to express your bodily experiences, becoming conscious of your defences and the rules you live by. This symbolic "structuring" helps you to more easily see, understand and manage experiences in which you presently find your emotional and mental states.

We will help you to reconstruct events from the past, so that suppressed feelings can be experienced and expressed more fully. With the use of ideal role figures you can change old patterns, find alternative ways to be in yourself and develop new ways to respond to others. In these ways you are able to develop a new self-image and a new picture of the world around you.



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Lois and Odd regard all varieties of sexual practices as acceptable when they are between consenting adult partners and include attitudes of respect and empathy. It is often a difficult challenge to talk with one’s partner freely and openly about one’s sexuality especially likes and dislikes. Many of the difficulties come from embarrassment and fear of criticism or ridicule. Listening to each other and learning to better communicate can overcome these. It is very helpful to have more knowledge about sexuality than one typically learns in school, at home, or on the street.